Fenster, Lewis & Good, LLC concentrates in the practice areas of estate planning, estate & income taxation, elder law, asset protection and estate & trust administration.

Open Book

Our firm's approach is somewhat different from the traditional law firm. We believe that our product is "peace-of-mind." Toward that goal, it is important for our clients to be aware of all estate planning options, and to fully understand the details of their particular plan. As a result, we see ourselves more as educators than advisors. To reinforce the client's peace-of-mind, our legal documents are written in plain-English, and every sentence is fully reviewed and explained.

For most work, we provide legal services on a fixed-fee basis. We have found that such an arrangement (as compared to hourly billing) allows a client to take the time to get the plan right ... without worrying about increasing the bill if they make a phone call or request an extra meeting.

Finally, our initial planning meeting with a client is without charge. Unlike some law firms, however, this "complimentary" meeting is very productive, resulting in a specific list of planning options, along with the fees to implement such options.

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